Balcony Gardening: End of season sales. Get your Geraniums at the best price!

Geraniums on Sale, end of season by Gabriela Delworth

It was a pretty nice weekend. I hope you enjoyed time outdoors. Did you know that end of season sales at garden centers are on right now? 
This is a great time to look for new perennials to add to your garden borders! Or grow your balcony and indoor plant collections like me. I found some Geraniums in small pots at a very decent price, they cost a little more than a dollar each. Isn't that a deal?

These beauties will be planted very soon and fed with my homemade brew. They will be gracing along with the others our windowsills during the colder months. Did you know that Geraniums bloom year round? Get to your garden center before is too late!

Happy gardening!
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