Balcony Gardening: Pots, Saucers and Tool Storage Solution

My favorite posts are about solutions for you and me. Today I want to show you my Gardening Box with Seat where I store pots, saucers and tools. 
As you already know I love visiting garden centers. Did you also know that I visit stores where they sale things to renovate homes and tools? These visits are quite inspiring to me as I am always looking around for deals and ways to use them wisely. 

What you see on the photos above is called a "Deck Box with Seat". I just use it as a Gardening Box. Not sure about how much weight this seat can take. We haven't sat on it.
This box is very deep inside. There is lots of room! It is a great solution for me to store pots, saucers and tools. It is made of resin. Ours has spent time outdoors and is now indoors. Still looks the same. I just wipe it with a wet cloth and that's it. New again.

You can also see on the image above some of my pots. I wash them well in the Fall before putting them in the Gardening Box and in the Spring when they come out. 
Last time I showed you our balcony it looked like this. Although it's been very busy around these parts we finally managed to clean and take plants outside. Can't wait for my Geraniums to look like this again.

Still looking for more storage ideas? I have another great solution for you right here.
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