Balcony Gardening: Slow Blooming Geraniums

Balcony Gardening: Geraniums and Sedums by Gabriela Delworth

Gardening in the balcony has been quite different than previous years. 

Geraniums finally started blooming but in a much slower pace thanks to the cooler weather and rain we had. Still far from the glorious show of colour we are used to enjoy. 

If you visit my blog often you know that I had these plants for a long time. They go from windowsills right to the balcony when the weather gets warmer. Every Spring I divide them and make new babies. Enjoy preserving them to use in creative projects. 

 Geraniums have just been "refreshed" with new soil and fed with my homemade "brew".

Did you see how beautiful look in our railing hanging planters? Hopefully in a few weeks they will be showing off fuller blooms. How are your Geraniums doing so far?

Happy weekend!
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