Balcony Gardening: Small Folding Three Tier Metal Plant Stand.

How is your balcony gardening going? Our green metal plant stands always get compliments. The truth is that it took me time to find good ones. Selections are quite limited and they can be very pricey.
One of my friends suggested me to show them to you here on my blog. I thought it was a great idea. This is small folding three tier metal plant stand you see on the image above is my latest find. The bright green and simple design got my attention. Isn't it lovely? It holds small sedum plants just perfect! You saw them before, remember?

You are probably wondering where I found it, right? It was by chance while looking for other things at T.J.Maxx one of my most favorite stores. You never know what you are going to find! I saw it and could not pass it. Honestly, I wished I got two.

By the way the small plant pots you see on it are from one of those stores where things cost a bit more than a dollar. Pretty ones, right? I really like the contrast of colours!

Do you have plant stands in your balcony? On this post you can read about our Geraniums.

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