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Blogging: Life before Social Media. Is blogging a thing of the past?

Am I the only one who thinks about my "blogging life" before social media?
I joined Blogger way back in 2006! Started officially blogging a few years later. My idea was to experiment with something either than my website. I needed a "voice". This new option called blog allowed me to write a post and share it with the world. Awesome!

Sometimes I wonder how everything changed and so fast. All of a sudden I found myself pressured to join many social media channels. They started popping everywhere! I did joined some in the end. You can find me on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

My blog has always been the place where I felt most comfortable. A place I can call mine, a place to express myself and have the freedom to post as often as I want and whatever I feel like. It went through many stages and platforms. I shared that on a post right here. It has always been my "first love". I blog and visit blogs I like.

Some said that blogs are "dead" that are a thing of the past. Are they? Are you still blogging? If you are, please share why.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gabriela Delworth. Lifestyle Blogger, DIY Author and Crafts Industry Designer who makes creativity a ritual. Aesthetically reactive to beautiful things. 

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