DIY Home Decor: Hand Painted Slate Stones with Birds

DIY Home Decor: Hand Painted Slate Stones by Gabriela Delworth

We finally finished cleaning our balcony. We are already enjoying meals outside.
We haven't bothered adding the umbrella to our table yet. May be soon. This year things are simpler due to different factors happening behind scenes. I have been finalizing and booking my 2017 Holiday Classes. Done! I am right now in the process of booking these ones. Also working hard and preparing to attend Blogger conferences in the Fall.

When it comes to home decor I am very selective. I like items that tell a story. I like unique things that are not available at a store. Today I want to show you my hand painted stones. The ones I have left. I absolutely love birds! Some stones were given away to family and friends with cottages, gardens or patios. They sit on the balcony every year as part of our decor. People really like them and have told me that I should "make them available" to others. Should I paint new ones? Stay tuned!
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