DIY Patio Umbrella Stand Tutorial: Affordable and Easy. A DH Idea for you.

It is half August already! We still have some Summer days left. Life in the balcony has been quite enjoyable lately. Breakfast, dinners, gardening or just hanging out outside.
We always get a lot of compliments about our balcony chairs, railing planters, table and tilt patio umbrella. Although it seems like one of those bistro sets believe it or not we found everything separate on sale. By the way this is the perfect time to find yours.

As you probably know patio umbrellas come without bases. Why? No reason. Sold separate, clunky and very pricey. They can cost you more than an umbrella!
Why invest on something that would be under a table and we will not even look at? 

We decided to DIY ourselves! The idea was to come up with an affordable (or FREE, we like free!), easy to assemble and fast to put away after the end of season solution.
DH (which translates into Dear Hubby) came up with a great idea using things we already had at home. Here is a brief tutorial for you. Make your patio umbrella base.
  • 2 Standard 8 inch diameter 10 Pounds Flat Weight Plates.
  • 1 10 inch Plastic Plant Saucer.
  • 1 20 inch long Nylon Cable Tie 
You (or someone) might already have weight plates, a plastic plant saucer and nylon cable ties. In that case this Patio Umbrella Stand will cost you NADA! Isn't that great?

  1. Place a plastic saucer under the table like on the photo above.
  2. Place two ten pound weight plates inside the plastic saucer. 
  3. String a 20 inch nylon cable tie through the two ten pound weight plates and the hole on the bottom of the umbrella pole.
  4. Secure and make sure that the umbrella pole is vertical.
NOTE: You can spray the Flat Weight Plates with outdoor paint. We could not bother.

That's it! So easy to put together and affordable. Isn't it?

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