Fall Colours: Sunflowers, Marigolds and Nasturtiums with an exciting bird visit!

Yellow Fall Colours by Gabriela Delworth

Although the weather has been quite unstable I really hope you had the chance of enjoying the outdoors. They say Fall is around the corner. May be a little closer. It feels in the air. Very windy at times. Mornings and nights have been cooler. 
Fall is my most favorite season. I love watching the changing colours in tree leaves. Changes visible in just a few days. Hopefully this year the process last longer and we can see more colours. Gardens are still up with Sunflower and Marigold shows in some parts of the city. Brass, Bronze and Copper delight! 

Still hiking and walking around nature trails and the Beach. You won't believe what I saw!
I am sharing the video on Twitter. It happened so fast an unexpected. So grateful I had enough time to document it! They say that seeing this bird right in front of you brings good luck. It symbolizes joy and happiness. It made me very happy seeing it!

Nasturtims in the Veggie Patch by Gabriela Delworth

On a prior post I mentioned how much I love Nasturtium flowers on this post these. Believe it or not I just visited this same spot where this beautiful bird appeared a few days back! 
Was it meant to happen? Have you seen these birds lately in your garden?

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