Gardening Solution: How to spray/water your plants without a hose. Because you can.

Gardening Solution: How to spray/water your plants without a hose. Handheld Sprayer, Princess Auto.

How is your garden doing? Ours still looks the same: very little flowers. Although the Calamondin Orange tree has been blooming again. This Summer as I mentioned on another post has been a little challenging. It's been rather cooler and rainy. 
Plants like Geraniums and herbs need heat and sun to thrive. 
Today I want to share with you a gardening solution: the 1.5 LT Handheld Sprayer. This humble and rather affordable "tool" has been fantastic to spray/water our plants (always use filtered water) in the balcony without using a hose...because you can't! It gives that misty rain effect without the mess. 

So easy to use:
  • Open it
  • Fill it up with water
  • Adjust the Brass tip to fine mist
  • Pump the piston pump
  • Press the plastic trigger
  • Start spraying your plants!
See it in motion on Twitter.

The 1.5 LT Handheld Sprayer is also great to spray/water indoors. I will be using it for my Thyme, Rosemary and plants when they come inside in the Fall. Found it by chance while looking for other things at Princess Auto. It has so many interesting products

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