Monarch Butterflies in Toronto: See them before they are gone to Mexico!

Monarch Butterflies in Toronto photos by Gabriela Delworth

It's been a wonderful past week and long weekend. Perfect for hiking and walking in Toronto's nature trails. I shared a few photos of what I saw on previous posts.
What did you do this past long weekend? What have you seen? One of the things you need to see are the Monarch Butterflies before they start their annual migration late this month. 
Did you know that they travel 3,500 kilometers to get to Mexico and spend the Winter there? It takes them three months in total to reach their destination which means they will arrive sometime in November. That is amazing! See them flying on Twitter.

We went for a walk to The Beach. There are Butterfly Bushes on some spots along the Boardwalk close to the Volleyball courts. Take your camera with you and prepare yourself for a colourful show! You will see them flying around and feeding on flowers.

Happy walking!

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