Storage Solution: Ikea Kallax Wire Basket for Kallax Shelf Units. Double your space.

Ikea Kallax Wire Basket for Kallax Shelf Units blogged by Gabriela Delworth

Finding and sharing ideas of storage solutions for apartment dwellers (including condos) is one of the purposes of this blog. When space is limited we are challenged to think in a more creative way. Right out of the box!
We should make the most of our home spaces and plan wisely. Condo and apartment dwellers happen to be also renters these days. They should always choose things that are easy to remove and easy to take (fit into) to their next home.

I enjoy changing, redecorating, moving things around at home to make more space. It is good to refresh and renew from time to time, isn't it? Perhaps you can agree with me.
Well, so to speak... Often times "transformations" are the answer. Apparently Ikea and I share some thoughts on this. Good ones!

One of the things I enjoy is combining things and "making" my own furniture.
We have brown Kallax Shelf Units. They are so versatile. Ideal for my "furniture making". I have been looking for a storage solution to display our glasses (all of them!) on these units. Today I want to show you a very interesting find called Kallax Wire Basket. It fits perfectly on Kallax Shelf Units. So easy to install. See it on the photos above? 

Don't you love their brass colour combined with the brown on Kallax Shelf Units? I do. They are made of steel and plated in nickel. Beautiful!

Do you love our blue glasses? Aren't they cool? I know... Found them at Homesense.

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