Trails and Nature: Signs of Fall in Toronto

Trails and Nature: Signs of Fall in Toronto by Gabriela Delworth

Fall signs are all over the city of Toronto. The best places to see them (if you are anxiously waiting for the most wonderful season like me) are the many nature trails.
Lately I have been feeling very inspired about starting some Fall projects like wall decor to freshen up things at home. You can make it right from my book. Birch yellow leaves are absolutely stunning! A bright and happy colour. Could not pass this one lying by itself on the Boardwalk without taking a photo. Nature should be capture in the moment and as it happens because it changes, it evolves.

Virginia Creeper is also a stunner in the Fall. It turns bright red. You won't probably notice then as it is just looks like another green vine in the landscape. It grows in the woods, as a ground cover, up on trees like on the photo above and building walls. I absolutely love those red walls! Take a look at your house walls. You have one growing in yours.

Virginia Creeper has a very important function as a plant. It provides shelter and a place to nest to birds. It also shelters toads like the one you saw on this post and insects. 
Bees feed from it in the form of pollen and Deer enjoy munching on its leaves.

I am always very careful while walking or hiking and do not touch any plants. 
Two reasons: nature should not be disturbed and things can be toxic. 
Limit yourself to admire, photograph and move on to the next find!

Have you notice Signs of Fall in Toronto? What have you seen?

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