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Book Review: reading and learning something new everyday.

Geraniums still outside and blooming by Gabriela Deworth

Today I want to "talk" about paper books. They have always been sacred to me and I keep  a big library at home. Consult them daily. It is said that books will disappear soon. I hope not! 
Honestly, despite their popularity I haven't read a digital book yet. Old fashioned you might think? No. Not at all. It just doesn't appeal to me. I need the "tangible feeling" of a paper book where I can go through pages, go back, mark them with stickers, make notes. There is something special about holding a book. If you agree with me then you know what I am talking about, do you?

My mission as a blogger is to create good content for you. I am always thinking about interesting topics that can be informative and useful. I thought that reviewing books that fit my blog topics would be a great idea to add even more value to your visits. 
Let me say that although I receive proposals to review books very often I am quite specific (which equals picky) about subjects. Recently I received a very interesting one. The title of the book made it irresistible to pass! It is a subject I always wanted to learn more about. Coincidentally it came at the right time. Can't wait to share more about it with you soon!

By the way, Geraniums are still outside and blooming. Aren't they beautiful?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hello! My name is Gabriela Delworth. I write a creative lifestyle blog about DIY, Home and Garden improvements, projects and décor, Crafts. 

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