Celebrating the magic of Autumnal Equinox. Let's welcome Fall with a DIY Wall Art tutorial.

DIY Wall Art with Fall Leaves by Gabriela Delworth

Celebrating the magic of Autumnal Equinox. Trees have started the most spectacular show of colours: changing leaves. This is the time to collect, press and treasure them!
Let's welcome Fall with a DIY Wall Art tutorial. Today I want to celebrate the Red Maple

Don't you love these stunning leaves? White canvas make an affordable and simple way to display art. They are ideal to showcase pressed leaves. Available at many stores.


  • White canvas 10 X 8 inches
  • White glue
  • Craft Brush
  • Pressed Fall leaves {Red Maple}
  1. Gather two dried Red Maple leaves.
  2. Arrange your dried leaves layout on a sheet of paper. My layout was inspired by urban spaces and intended to be a very simple – minimalist look.
  3. Using a craft brush add little white glue to the back of your leaves.
  4. Place and glue leaves on your canvas following your layout design.
  5. Let dry completely.
Your DIY Wall Art is ready to grace a home. Make a few for yourself. Hang them together as a group. Give as one-of-a-kind gifts. I know you will want to make more. Enjoy!

Visit this post for more display ideas. Stay tuned for another DIY Fall project!

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