Celebrating the magic of Autumnal Equinox. Celebrate with a Ginko Biloba DIY Wall Art.

Ginko Biloba DIY Wall Art by Gabriela Delworth

Celebrating the magic of Autumnal Equinox today with a DIY Wall Art decorated with Ginko Biloba pressed leaves. It is native from China and is one of the world's oldest trees. 
It can live several hundreds of years. A true living fossil. Best place to see many that old of course is in their native country. I read that Chinese monks introduced it to Japan where it got the name "Silver (gin) Apricot" (kyo). Biloba refers to its leaves that usually have two lobes. 

Have you seen it in the streets of Toronto? There are quite a few and doing very well. Why? Ginko Biloba tolerates urban pollution. Get out there and find some! 
Make yourself beautiful DIY Wall Art with its leaves. Here is my tutorial for you.

Want to try other Fall tree leaves? Visit this post. And this post for more display ideas.
Stay tuned for another DIY Fall project!

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