Indoor Gardening: Fall growth on Calamondin orange tree. Time to move inside.

New growth on Calamondin orange tree by Gabriela Delworth

See the "Fall growth" on Calamondin orange tree? It's an indicator that it is time for this beauty to move inside. It's getting too chilly already for these tender leaves. In fact it has been sheltered on a windowsill for about a week now. It keeps growing!
I have to say that this tree has done wonderful since we brought it home about a year ago! It surprised us with pretty blooms back in March, and again in July.  All those blooms are now rapidly growing oranges. Can't wait for them to turn orange! Photos will follow.

We experimented with other trees over the years. The Calamondin orange tree has been so far the best option. A windowsill during the cold months allows it to live in a greenhouse like mini environment. It receives full sun there. Placed in a balcony during the warm months it gets the chance to grow faster and bloom multiple times. This spraying tool I discovered and use makes it so easy to keep it clean and watered!

Needs full sun, at least five hours a day
Keep soil moist, not soak
Mist it with filtered water daily while indoors, water twice a day when outdoors
Use good quality soil
Fertilize. I use my own recycled homemade brew

Happy Gardening!

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