Walking in the City: Toronto Botanical Garden. Beaufitul Fall flowers colour show.

Toronto Botanical Garden flowers photographed by Gabriela Delworth

Fall is my most favorite season. It will officially begin on September 21. The Toronto Botanical Garden is a must visit. The weather was glorious this past weekend. Ideal for a walk in the gardens. 
My favorite one is the Dahlias patch. Love them so much that I incorporated a yellow one to my logo. Have you ever noticed it? Did you know that they are native to Mexico? It's their national flower. Aztecs used them for a variety of things in daily life. Dahlias are related to Chrysanthemums, Daisies, Sunflowers and Zinnias. Interesting!
There were lots and lots of bees feeding on flowers at the Toronto Botanical Gardens!
Very happy to see them still around and healthy. See them in a mini video on Twitter!

The Toronto Botanical Garden is one of the fabulous venues where I teach my workshops. Registrations are now open. Join me!

I made several mini videos during my Summer walks. Watch them on Twitter:

Back soon!

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