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Closet Makeover: Analyzing space conditions and planning the best closet storage solution.

Closet Makeover: Analyzing space conditions and planning the best closet storage solution by Gabriela Delworth

Emptying the closet is no easy task. It's the perfect time to purge, select and donate things you do not need anymore. Learn to let go those items you haven't worn in years! 
Closets get dusty, make sure you clean all surfaces thorough.
When analyzing space conditions and planning the best closet storage solution take a good look at the basics: floor, ceiling, walls and shelves. Are they in good condition?

Apartment rental closets can be in general very small. Ours are average in size and measure 63" in width, 93" in height and 19" in depth. Taking measurements is extremely important in order to choose the right closet storage solution.


  1. Are surfaces even inside your closet?
  2. Most closets have a single shelf with lots of space above. Is it strong? 
  3. Think about weight and what you are planning to place on them. 
  4. What kind of clothes you are planning to place inside? Heavy coats or shirts?
  5. How are you going to organize them?  
  6. How easy are to find when you open your closet?  
  7. Are clothes visible enough?
  8. Is the rod strong enough? How many clothes will be hanging from it?
  9. Would you need additional hanging options?
  10. How is the condition of the walls? Would they need painting?
Although this questions seem very simple they are key to success in this process. 
We partnered with The Home Depot to bring you the best closet storage solution. Stay tuned as I start changing the look of this small dark room!

SPONSORED POST: Thank you The Home Depot for providing us with the materials to create this solution for the Closet Makeover.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hello! My name is Gabriela Delworth. I write a creative lifestyle blog about DIY, Home and Garden improvements, projects and décor, Crafts. 

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JoKnows said...

I would love to overhaul my whole closet! I have grand ideas but I need to work on resources. ;) I'm imagining taking down the walls and turning my walk-in closet and my husband's closet (which is facing mine) into one room with lots of custom inserts. One day...

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hi Joann,

Wow! That sounds like an awesome idea. Why don't you do it?