Closet Makeover: The magic of light. Affordable, fixed or portable and wireless solution.

LED Light Stick by Environment. Closet Makeover solution by Gabriela Delworth

We can all agree that closets are usually quite dark. The magic of light begins with an affordable and wireless solution that can be fixed or portable. This is what I discovered.
It is a challenge to find things. Lighting it up can be very expensive. Think about the challenge of wiring to install your lights. Paying an electrician can really raise the cost. While looking strolling the lighting area at The Home Depot I came across the Enviromate LED Light Stick. They are super-bright lights sold as under the cabinet lights. They turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. Affordable and wireless!

Closet Makeover: Light up dark corners with LED Stick Light. Photos by Gabriela Delworth

These lights can be fixed or portable. How many times have you looked at some of your clothes (I know you are thinking about socks!) wondering if they are blue or black? Now you can use the Enviromate LED Light Stick as a wand and figure it out like it shows on the image above! Isn't that great?  


LED Light Stick have the ability to change the direction of the light
Have a vertical or horizontal mounting option (ours is mounted at the top of the door)
Can easily be snapped into or removed from its base for fixed or portable use 
Wide array of lights  are distributed along the length of the stick 
They provide a broader distribution of light across a surface area 
Maximize the amount of light produced while minimizing the amount of energy required to power them 
To operate them simply press the on and off button located on the end 
NOTE: Left or right handed? Place the on and off button on either side.  

It comes with 3 AAA batteries, and is powered by 4 white super bright LEDs. Find all assembly information on the LED Light Stick package.

Follow the process of our Closet Makeover:

SPONSORED POST: Thank you The Home Depot for providing us with the materials to create this solution for the Closet Makeover.
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