Closet Makeover: Organize and rediscover what you have. Make the most of new space.

Closet Makeover: Organize and rediscover what you have. Make the most of new space by Gabriela Delworth

A Closet Makeover is the best time to purge, select and donate things you do not need anymore as I mentioned on this prior post. It also gives you the chance to rediscover what you have. It's like going shopping in your own closet without the expense! 

I asked this questions on this other post:
  1. What kind of clothes you are planning to place inside? Heavy coats or shirts?
  2. How are you going to organize them?  
  3. How easy are to find when you open your closet?  
  4. Are clothes visible enough?
You need to plan wisely and make the most of your new space. Remember the post about the stackable shelves? Did you realize how much you can store high in your closet? Take advantage of that. I placed unopened shirts and shoes. They are ideal for flats!

See the space available besides the stackable shelves? Place boots, even long ones there.
What about the closet door? Did you think about that? More space to explore.
Command Small Key Rail Hook is a humble and yet interesting item. See it on the photo above? I placed it inside of the closet door. It can hold your favorite belts as well.

There are many unused corners in closets. Take a closer look and analyze yours, take measurements and figure out what you can storage in them. This Closet Makeover is coming to an end. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

Follow the process of our Closet Makeover:

SPONSORED POST: Thank you The Home Depot for providing us with the materials to create this solution for the Closet Makeover.

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