Closet Makeover: Conquer your overstuffed closet with a cost effective and versatile system.

Closet Makover: Conquer your overstuffed closet with a cost effective and versatile system by Gabriela Delworth
Closet events have been happening everywhere since the beginning of October. I got really inspired and decided to "conquer" one of ours that was in a state of emergency. 
The photos above illustrate the ugly reality of this closet. Clothes closets are the messiest! Aren't they? Why is it that overstuffed closets even begin to fill up at all? We reach in, choose, pick what to wear and shut the door right after! Do we really know what's inside? Not really...

Today is the start of my Closet Makeover series. I have been working on this solution for a while and thought you might find it useful to organize your own closets. In fact I hinted you a few posts back, remember? 

We partnered with The Home Depot to bring you the best closet storage solution. We all have a budget and need to stick to it, don't we? Let's be realistic. Closet systems can be quite expensive! It is very important to take time, research and find out what really works for us.  

We should own things that can be "transformed" or re purposed. Life changes along with our needs. Let's be practical! Choosing a versatile solution saves money in the long run. It is possible to create your own affordable closet system. I did!

Stay tuned as I start this closet "conquest" emptying, cleaning and measuring space.

SPONSORED POST: Thank you The Home Depot for providing us with the materials to create this solution for the Closet Makeover.

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