Man Cave Mess Solution: Before the transformation. Planning a new space.

Man Cave Mess: Before the transformation. Planning a solution. Photo by Gabriela Delworth.

When I thought November was going to be all about Holiday preparations as I mention on this post, surprise! Something else and unavoidable was aligned to be done as well. We teamed up again with The Home Depot for another Storage and Organization solution. 
The Men Cave Mess Solution kicks in today. I typed and searched Men Cave to find out that it means "a place to call his own". Really? Men Caves are more common than what we thought. Apparently these Men live in many in households. As you see on the photo above a room (in our home!) has been taken hostage: cave. Some Men have even taken hostage garages, I can see you nodding right now! Well, this Man has all kinds of stuff in this Cave that need to be organized and stored. Let's take action!

Men Cave Mess Solution HDX 48-inch W 6-Level Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Unit in Chrome and HDX storage boxes.

I (he, we, laughs!) need a solution to this mess (immediately) and The Home Depot has it. If you have been following my blog for a while you already know how much I like HDX units. Just showed you how much more extra space you can add to a room on this post last month.

We chose the HDX 48-inch W 6-Level Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Unit in Chrome for this storage and organization solution. We also chose HDX 102 L Strong Lockable Totes in Black/Yellow and Sterilite 45 Litre Latch And Carry-Clear boxes to store his stuff.

Stay tuned as we share with you how the Men Cave Mess Solution comes about and what other interesting items we used in the process.

SPONSORED POST: Thank you The Home Depot for providing us with the materials to create this solution for the Men Cave Mess Solution.

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