Celebrating Gift Wrapping: Collect, Select and Design your beautiful packages.

Let's celebrate Gift Wrapping as an art in itself. Look at my wrapping paper rolls stash!
I am a collector who is always on the look out for beautiful and unique papers. I like them textured, shiny, thin, thick, handmade or mass produced. There is beauty in all of them. Gift Wrapping it's a form of expression, an artistic way to send a message to the receiver and show it how much we care. Isn't this the real reason we gift wrap our presents?

Gift Wrapping is also a commercial tool that celebrates customer service right after a purchase has been made no matter the amount. Retailers used to set themselves apart from the crowd providing this specialized service. My gift wrapping journey started wrapping presents for retail customers. It was all about speed and technique using the right supplies. 

Those were the times when people left stores with beautiful packages. Today they carry their purchases in a bag just adorned with a logo. It is called free advertising. Even online customers should receive their presents beautifully gift wrapped! Although some would end up wrapping their own presents at home with delight others might find this activity to be a big headache.

Find tips on how to choose your wrapping papers and how to choose the right paper for your package. Stay tuned for some gift wrap ideas for your presents!

Happy Gift Wrapping!
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