Indoor Gardening Update: Calamondin Orange Tree full of growing oranges.

Indoor Balconing Update: Calamondin Orange Tree full of growing oranges by Gabriela Delworth

The Holiday Season is a great time to decorate and update your indoor plants. 
Remember our Calamondin Tree? It has been doing great! Bloomed twice this year in the Spring and Fall. This means tons of new oranges! See them on the images above?

  • Needs full sun, at least five hours a day (ours is on a windowsill)
  • Keep soil moist, not soaked
  • Mist it with filtered water daily while indoors, water twice a day when outdoors
  • Did you see my year round spraying solution? Have a video on Twitter.
  • Use good quality soil
  • Fertilize. I use my own recycled homemade brew

Stay tuned for flowering bulbs and other indoor plants!
Happy indoor gardening!

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