Flower Pressing: Using affordable and beautiful Grocery Store Bouquets.

Did you know that your local grocery store carries affordable flowers for pressing?
Let's see what's in this one above: Peruvian Lilies, Wax Flower (the tiny rosy ones), Baby's Breath, Chrysanthemums and Irises.  Five different kinds of flowers!

Flower and Leaf Press by Gabriela Delworth at Barnes & Noble

I pressed the whole bouquet in small bunches at a time using the press that comes with my book. Colour retention was very good!
TIP: Group flowers of the same kind so they dry and press at the same time.

How to store your pressed flowers:

I like storing my pressed flowers in between printing paper sheets and inside a plastic container away from the light.

Get creative with your pressed flowers:

There are so many projects where you can use your pressed flowers and leaves.
It’s a great way to share the harvest of your garden with friends and loved ones.
I love making greeting cards, tiles, coasters and more! The sky is the limit!
Enjoy the art of pressing flowers and leaves!
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