Indoor Gardening: The beautiful blooms of Winter. Right on our windowsills.

Are you enjoying the beautiful blooms of Winter? You can. Right on your windowsills.
It has been a very cold Winter already! Some days are light some are dark. I could not imagine living without plants. They clean the air and bright up your spaces. We do have a nice collection strategically placed in every room. Today I want to mention our blooming Christmas cactus. Right now we have two on our windowsills. This is their spot during the cold months. They spend the rest outside and protected in the shade.

Windowsills are ideal for plants. The cold from outside, the heat and light work like a greenhouse for them. We have had these two Christmas cactus for a while. Every December they start gifting us with beautiful blooms. Aren't they beautiful? Do you have plants indoors? 

Happy Indoor Gardening!
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