Indoor Gardening: Irresitible after Christmas finds. Adorable mini trees.

Mini Trees by Gabriela Delworth

Irresistible after Christmas finds. Adorable mini trees. Great addition to our indoor garden.
I was lucky to find these beauties at a local florist the other day. It wasn't easy to spot them among all other plants. But I did! I have been looking for them since Christmas. Why would I want to grow trees indoors? If you read my blog often you know that I am an avid gardener indoors and in our balcony. Gardening is one of my passions!

Our Calamondin orange tree is doing fantastic! Take a look and see the whole process! So why not take another challenge? Especially when I am attending Canada's biggest annual flower and garden festival in March. I will be learning and sharing with you many things.

Stay tuned!
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