Indoor Gardening: Potted Pink Hyacinths Bulbs. Fragrant darling blooms in the Winter.

Pink Hyacinths by Gabriela Delworth

Indoor Gardening with potted Pink Hyacinths bulbs. Fragrant darling blooms in the Winter.
After a Spring like weekend the cold and snow returned here in Toronto. As most of my flowering bulbs are done bye now I went looking for more fresh and fragrant blooms. Hyacinths seemed the perfect "cure" to beat the blues that this unstable Winter has brought to us this year. This time I found potted pink ones and I am in love!

They look fantastic grouped with our other plants around the home. Hyacinths will definitely cheer you up with their colours and intoxicating fragrance. They are easy to care with a little water. Make sure you cut the stems down once they finish blooming. Cover them with a brown paper bag and place them in a dark place. Chances are they will grow again and surprise you with new flowers in the Spring!
Can't wait to see them at the flower and garden show I am attending in March!

Happy Indoor Gardening!
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