Indoor Gardening: Regrow herbs from the supermarket on windowsills. Thyme.


January is a great time to spend more time Indoor Gardening. Start with a few herbs.
I hope you had a great Holiday Season. I was pretty busy the whole month of December teaching my workshops until before Christmas Day!
I have also been in full Indoor Gardening swing while cleaning, cutting and feeding our plants. Today I want to focus on Thyme. I get it every year. It grows really well in our balcony during the warm months. Then I harvest it in the Fall and air dry it for future use. Growing herbs on our windowsills is a challenge. I managed to keep Rosemary but not Thyme

Always get fresh bunches of Parsley, Cilantro and Thyme at the supermarket for my cooking. The first two I keep fresh in the fridge. This last time the Thyme looked so fresh that I decided to air dry some but also root a bunch in water. Guess what? It started rooting! Can you see it on the images above? I am really hoping that it would develop into a nice plant. Stay tuned!
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