Indoor Gardening: Winter Blooms on Windowsills. Red Geraniums first flowers of the year.

Winter Blooms on Windowsills: Red Geraniums by Gabriela Delworth

Enjoying Winter blooms on our windowsills. Red Geraniums first flowers of the year.
Geraniums have started giving us the first burst of colour! I keep ours on windowsills during the cold months as they need a lot of light and sun exposure. See this one in full bloom in our balcony on this post. I have to say that for some reason (probably the Polar Vortex we just had) we got more blooms last year.  

Geraniums are in my experience a great investment when it comes to buying plants for your indoor, balcony and outdoor gardens. They are very easy to care for and rarely need re potting from season to season. You should refresh the soil though. My recycled brew is the only "food" I give to (all) my plants.

During the Spring I like sharing cuttings and baby plants with friends and family. Geraniums are quite affordable and they come in different pot sizes. Take advantage of sales! These are the ones I got last Summer. I combined two different colour Geraniums in pots to add more interest to our balcony garden.

By the way we also have some fragrant bulbs and cactus blooming!
What's blooming in your house? Happy Indoor Gardening!
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