DIY Home Decor: Hanging new curtains? Save money with this home decor hack.

Hanging Curtains with Book Binder Rings by Gabriela Delworth

Hanging new curtains? Save money and use what you have with this home decor hack.
Today I want to focus on curtains and hardware. Let's imagine you just moved into a new place and need to hang your curtains. You might have got lucky (as we did) and found an I-Beam Track system left by a previous dweller. Just think that you got this practical drapery solution for FREE and already installed! You saved yourself a headache (it requires the use of expensive drills) and having to pay an expert!

The rings you need to hang your curtains can be quite pricey. Usually they come in a pack of seven. A curtain panel would need (usually) six of them. Do your numbers and it will add up.
How about a home decor hack? Save your money for good quality curtains instead. 
We used book binder rings to hang our curtains and paid much less! They come in big packs. They work and look good.

Happy home decorating!

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