Do what you love: Pursuing what makes you really happy. Doing it your own way.

Primrose photo by Gabriela Delworth

Are we pursuing what makes us really happy? If so, are we doing it our own way?
Today a post about just that! Although I have no list of New Year resolutions I have been working on dreams and targets I would like to achieve in 2018. One of them is to do what I love, pursue what makes me really happy and do it my way.

I knew I wanted to be a creative since an early age. It manifested and showed in everything I did. The creative industry has been my most favorite environment for so many years. A place I have always belonged to. I have done graphic design, crafts project design, blogging and design, photography and teaching. Blogging brought me great opportunities. I was found

This year I decided to teach more workshops. Last year's ones left me with such a great feeling. I love interacting in person with a room full of creative people. It makes me very happy seeing participants making friends with each other, sharing materials and working together. It is so rewarding to finish a workshop and seeing happy faces going home with their new creations.

I will be very busy this year teaching workshops in the Spring, Fall and Christmas. Right now I am presently working on many and different project samples for promotional materials. Workshops dates and registration openings will be announced here on my blog. Stay tuned!
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