Indoor Gardening: 2018 house plants trend. Stripped and Patterned Foliage Plants.

Have you seen 2018 house plants trends? Stripped and patterned foliage takes the stage.
What a glorious weekend we had! Finally we saw blue skies and enjoyed nice temperatures. We decided to take a road trip and visit some favorite nursery the Valleyview Gardens at their new location right in the country. As an avid gardener and plant lover I always like to keep up with trends. I am curious! This year the trend is decorating interiors with stripped and patterned foliage plants. Take a look at these beauties on the images above. We saw lots and lots of them! You are probably wondering if I brought some of them home. Well, no but did take other plants also trendy to feature on posts I am working on.

March will be all about gardening and plants. I will be visiting Canada Blooms and will be reviewing a new book about some specific plants that gained so much popularity in the last few years. They are a favorite to many of us. Stay tuned!
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