Gardening: Beautiful Succulents among 2018 trendy house plants.

Gardening News. Beautiful Succulents among 2018 trendy house plants.
These Succulents above are part of the amazing collection we saw at Valleyview Gardens one of our favorite nurseries. So many kinds to choose from!

Succulents are among 2018 trendy house plants. They are affordable and so easy to care for. You can easily propagate them and make so many new plants!  We have many at home that come out to our balcony garden in the Spring and come in during the Fall to spend the cold months on windowsills. 

You are probably wondering if I brought some home. The answer...yes I did! Since Succulents have been doing so well that I decided that it was time to grow my collection.  New posts (very informative) are coming up where I will be sharing new things I learned. Stay tuned!
Check other beautiful and trendy plants we discovered. Love rich colours? Have to see this!

Happy Gardening!

P.S. Canada Blooms and The National Home show start this Friday. See you there!
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