Indoor Gardening: Beautiful Schlumbergera known as Christmas Cactus is blooming.

Christmas Cactus in bloom by Gabriela Delworth

Indoor Gardening. Beautiful Schlumbergera known as Christmas Cactus is blooming.

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend. We did! One of the things that extra time permitted was to tender our plants a little more. Today I am showing you the Schlumbergera right from the rain forest in Brazil. They need humidity. Most of us know it by Christmas Cactus. We had these at our old place. They can grow a lot in a short period of time!

Right now we only have a few small ones that spend most of the cold months on windowsills. Ours bloom in Winter right before Christmas. They are quite easy to care for. Make sure you touch the soil and water them when needed. To feed them I use my own brew. Schlumbergera is also so easy to propagate and make new plants! I like pruning ours in late Spring. Usually in June. See how shinny they are? I keep them clean like this. 

Want to learn more about Cactuses and Succulents? Here is a great book for you!

Happy Indoor Gardening!

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