Interviews with Creatives: Interview with Chalk Paint™ paint guru Annie Sloan.

Interviews with Creatives. Interview with Chalk Paint™ paint guru Annie Sloan.

As I mentioned on my first post I learned about what inspired Annie to create her Chalk Paint™ and why. I also had the chance to ask her a few interesting questions.


  1. Annieyou are widely recognized as one of the world's most respected experts in paint and colour.  What made you start a decorative painting revolution? Why Chalk Paint®?

    Annie: At that time, there was nothing on the market like Chalk Paint™ and even now, there still isn’t. It’s a unique product. I always wanted to create a paint that dried quickly with great coverage. At the time I had 3 small children and needed to be able to paint a piece of furniture within the day while they were at school!
  2. I read that Gauguin has been a big influence in the development of your creative career. Gauguin experimented with new colour theories and semi-decorative approaches to painting. Is that how you started as well?

    Annie: My father loved art and had Gauguin prints around the house. I remember staring at these paintings and finding them so interesting. His colours are extraordinary and ambiguous and definitely inspired my way of thinking about colour.
  3. I read that Chalk Paint™ offers flexibility when it comes to mixing colours together. What techniques can we learn in your Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and more book?

    Annie: Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and more was written to help people mix colours, I want people to be able to lighten and darken shades with no trouble. I’m very keen that people gain confidence in mixing colours. You can make some really interesting tones by mixing two colours together. I think that a lot of people are scared of mixing colours because of the paints we were using at school. When you’d mix colours you’d always end up with a brown, murky colour. With my colours, you won’t get brown. Unless you want brown!
  4. How do you develop new Chalk Paint™ colours and come up with a name for each one? By the way I love the unique names!

    Annie: I wanted to name my colours on the places or historical colours that inspired them. So all my colours come from the history of art, paint, pigments and places. There’s always meaning behind the name I choose.
You can learn a lot more about Annie Sloan on her website.

SPONSORED POST: Many thanks to Chalk Paint™ paint guru Annie Sloan for his amazing interview!
Photo by Harriet Mathews.

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