Mini Fresh Christmas Trees Workshop at the Toronto Botanical Garden. Participants work.

The Mini Fresh Christmas Trees Workshop at the Toronto Botanical Garden was last Saturday. Participants received material kits I put together to decorate mini houses, mini wreaths and a fresh mini Christmas tree. 

Kits included: Dresden paper, ribbon pieces, charms, pipe cleaner pieces (fluffy and metallic), wool cuttings, millinery flowers, music sheet strips, metallic thead and more!

Above are some of the mini ornaments (about an inch in size!) participants created for their mini Christmas trees. I made and glittered these mini houses that came in the kits with doors, roofs and windows were included. Some participants created their own!

On this image above a participant crafted roof details one of her houses inspired by Gothic European cathedrals. Isn't that amazing? Remember they are just about 1" in size!

Did you miss my prior post? Find it right here. Christmas trees information included.

Gabriela is a Certified Instructional Designer and Facilitator. DIY Book Author. Toronto Botanical Garden Instructor. She teaches Adult Education Classes and Workshops.
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