DIY Fall Canvas Art with pressed tree leaves. Let's celebrate the colours of Fall!

Fall is such an inspiring season!  A season when plants and trees give us the most spectacular show of colours. Have you collected some of your favorite leaves? 
How about pressing them and incorporating them in wall art?  
I used white canvas is one my favorite framing alternatives. 
  • They are affordable, easy to find at your art or craft store.
  • They look clean, simple and perfect as a background for leaves collages. 
  • They look great in most home decor styles! 
  • Make a few and group them together on a wall.

This DIY Fall Canvas Art project requires very little materials and time. Make a few in different canvas sizes and group them on a wall. Make a few and give as one-of-a-kind gifts  Let’s get to it!

  • White canvas. These are about 10 inches by 8 inches.
  • White glue 
  • Craft brush
  • Pressed Fall leaves (your favorite choice)
  1. Arrange and layout your pressed leaves on a sheet of paper. Decide on a design and how many you want to use.
  2. Dip your craft brush on white glue and apply gently on the back of your pressed leaves.
  3. TIP: Use little glue to prevent bleeding when pressed on the canvas. 
  4. Let dry completely.
I would like to see your designs! 

Gabriela is a Certified Instructional Designer and Facilitator. DIY Book Author. Toronto Botanical Garden Instructor. She teaches Adult Education Classes and Workshops.
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