Balcony Gardening: Dreams of Ivy Leaf Pelargoniums trailing from our balcony boxes.

Balcony Gardening: Ivy Leaf Pelargoniums trailing from our balcony boxes.   
While planning our railing balcony boxes for this Spring I thought about experimenting with Ivy Leaf Pelargoniums. They are native to South Africa. I read that removing faded blossoms encourages new ones as well as fertilizing them every two weeks. We are very lucky and have a balcony that receives sun from morning to afternoon as these plants need full sun most of the day. 

Although I knew Ivy Leaf Pelargoniums are hard to find and the best bet was trying nurseries I headed to supermarkets that have their own garden centers.
To my surprise I found two baskets of these beauties on special (offered together) just starting to bloom! I replanted them in small pots that fit our railing balcony boxes and mixed them up with other regular Geraniums also in small pots. 

This is a great trick as I am able to move and combine them. The idea was always having a continuous blooming show of these beauties. 

Let's see what happens. I will post again once we get more blooms.

Happy gardening!

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