Balcony Gardening: Ivy Leaf Pelargoniums and Geraniums combo in balcony boxes.

Balcony Gardening: Ivy Leaft Pelargoniums and Geraniums in balcony boxes.
This is the gardening trick I did this year for our balcony boxes and mentioned on a previous post. The idea was to save money on plants and have flowers blooming all the time. Thanks to the hot and humid weather we are having lately the combo/mix of Ivy Leaf Pelargoniums (also called Ivy Geraniums) and Geraniums are starting to bloom very nicely!

I absolutely love Geraniums and have them adorning our balcony year after year. Sun loving plants very easy to care that gift you with stunning flowers from Spring to Fall. 

If you love these beautiful plants as much as I do you might want to read about how to take clippings of Geraniums . Make yourself more plants! Also you might want to read about repotting and refreshing the soil. Perfect time for that. Here a better look at our railing planters. I know...they are awesome!

Happy gardening!
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