Balcony Gardening: Arabian Jasmine or Mogra or Indian Jasmine in bloom right now.

I hope you are enjoying your Summer. Today I would like to show off (yes, why not?) a balcony garden beautie in bloom. It is called Arabian Jasmine or Mogra or Indian Jasmine.
Always, always wanted to have one and to my surprised I found it at a convenience store a few months back! This place always has plants for sale outside. Isn't that amazing? I believe it was pure luck.

Honestly, this Jasmine wasn't doing very well after a few days in its new home, our balcony garden. Leaves started to dry out and fall off. I really thought it was going to die. Then we had a couple of heat waves and high humidity that lasted many days. Could not believe my eyes watching how this Jasmine revived and grew double the size! 

It is now blooming. The fragance is heavenly delicious. Exotic and alluring! The flowers are so delicate and soft that they feel like silk. I believe the all purpose fertilizer that I use on all plants did help it to bloom. In an effort to harvest and enjoy these amazing blooms a little longer I just put them to float in water.

I am still experimenting and learning about this Jasmine. The funny thing is that I found out it is a vine and it will need pruning later on. Right now I cannot imagine cutting these beautiful blooming branches! So far I learned that it loves humidity, sun, heat and prefers the soil to be moist.  
Before I go, for those who missed my post take a look at another tree that just bloomed a few weeks back in our balcony. Stunning!

Happy Gardening!
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