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Art Of Gift Wrapping Classes in Toronto

 2017 Gift Wrapping the Holidays Workshop

Gift Wrapping is all about building a package with flare. We should also be more conscious and use materials wisely avoiding unnecessary waste. Think about paper scraps, ribbon scraps and more. Remember that presentation is everything! The way a gift is presented is far more important than the gift in itself. 
First impressions are last impressions. Gifts speak beautiful thoughts. You will be known for your lovely packages. 

Art Of Gift Wrapping Classes & Seminars by Gabriela Delworth in Toronto.

My students face the challenge of creating embellishments for their gift packages. 
They learn how to make the most of materials and turn them into beautiful decorations. 
Gift Wrapping is an Art. My demos, classes and workshops are about "dressing up" a present. 

Art Of Gift Wrapping Classes & Seminars by Gabriela Delworth in Toronto.

I am teaching Holiday Gift Wrapping Workshops.
 Questions? Contact me at: gabriela.delworth{@}

CORPORATE GROUPS: Have me teaching your staff a two hour workshop on weekdays. Employee Appreciation Events: Coordinators are in charge of scheduling, inviting and booking all participants. 

STORE DEMOS: Have me doing demos using your own product line during gift shows and special events. Want me using your products in my workshops? Want to work with me? Read here.

Art Of Gift Wrapping TV Segments by Gabriela Delworth in Toronto.
Art Of Gift Wrapping Articles and Photography by Gabriela Delworth

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gabriela Delworth. Lifestyle Blogger, DIY Author and Crafts Industry Designer who makes creativity a ritual. Aesthetically reactive to beautiful things. 

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