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About Me

Hello! My name is GabrielaDelworth. I am a Lifestyle Blogger, a DIY Author and Crafts Industry Designer based in Toronto, Canada. I blog about DIY, Home and Garden improvements, projects and décor, Crafts.
Life Solutions for Apartment Dwellers, DIY Decorating, Gardening, Storage.

My background: creative and retail industry and adult education.  
My skills: creativity, content development, facilitation, customer service and sales. 

When I am not crafting in my studio or teaching classes, I enjoy cooking, gardening, taking photos and travelling.
Absolutely love creating things for gifts and home decor, love balcony and indoor gardening and love gift wrapping presents. I also teach classes and workshops.

It all started ten years ago after realizing I needed a better way to communicate with my readers. It became to be the perfect tool to share my creative experiences, connect with other artists and  bloggers from different parts of the world. My blog went through "many faces" over time as it grew into different content, design and even platforms. I can say that my blog really “talks” for me; it has become my voice on cyberspace!

Each blog is unique and has a personality of its own, yours.  A new way to express myself.
I wrote a whole article called "How my blog changed my life" for Artful Blogging. I love the interaction with my readers who visit me daily. I want them to have fun, get inspired and leave with the desire to make something with their own hands. Readers make us grow into better and better bloggers thanks to their great posts and emails telling us what they like. I also appreciate those visitors who do not leave comments, I am glad you came. 

Gabriela Delworth's published work and photography in magazines

Blogging opened the door to a variety of professional opportunities: blogging and designing for arts and crafts manufacturers, designing and photography for well known magazines, teaching classes and authoring my first book!

Flower and Leaf Press book by Sterling Publishing authored by Gabriela Delworth

Send me an email to: gabriela.delworth(@)
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