Balcony Gardening Series on the blog coming up soon.

Balcony Gardening Series on the blog coming up soon. Gardening with Geraniums.

As preparations for our balcony garden continue I thought it would be fun and informative for all of you to share the process here on the blog. I have been writing up a "Balcony Gardening with Geraniums" series that will make available hopefully sometime in May if weather permits.

Why Geraniums? Well, they are my most favorite container flowers. I know these plants well and they have always been part of my gardens. I love them so much that have tried to winterize them this past Winter with success! You should try as well.

They are the most popular and reliable container plants. So easy to care for, tolerate well "life in the balconies" and bloom from Spring to Fall. Their affordability makes them even available at groceries stores! Buy hanging baskets or individual containers and make your own. 

P.S. Also...will make an announcement I am very excited about very soon...Stay tuned!

Happy gardening!