Purple Calibrachoa trend happening in our balcony this Summer

Purple Calibrachoa trend happening in our balcony this Summer. Just beautiful!

Are you still looking for more annuals? Keep your eyes wide open for these Calibrachoa! I have always been the Geranium lady but this year I couldn't resist adding Calibrachoas to our balcony garden. Absolute love the shape of these flowers, vivid colour and their velvet like deep purple centers. It was love at first site! 

Had to do some serious reading to learn more how to care for them. So far they are happy and haven't stop blooming since I put them outside! We are very lucky and have a balcony with great sun exposure. It is sunny most of the day.

This is what I learned so far about their care:

  • Light: Place them in full to part sun  
  • Water: Let the soil dry between waterings 
  • Fertilize: Regularly for best results (every 7 to 14 days)                                                                                                                                       
  • NOTE: I am using a water- soluble fertilizer every 7 days 
  • Maintenance: Deadheading not necessary     

Although we are having changing temperatures here in T.O I believe (and hope) Calibrachoas will bloom all Summer long. Can't wait for the show! Stay tuned.

Happy Gardening!