Indoor Gardening: Growing beautiful English Ivy vines indoors


Indoor Gardening: Growing beautiful English Ivy vines indoors.

Ivy has always been among my most favorite indoor plants. Could not passed this beauty as it seems to be exquisitely "painted" by an artist. Isn't it stunning? 

It happens that sometimes I find plants in the most unexpected places. This ivy did not come with a name so I have no idea what type it is. For now it is "Painted Ivy".

Ivy plants are very easy to care for. They grow very well under LED lights indoors. They also need humidity which is a challenge during our Winters in the North as the heat is on for many months. It is very important to keep the soil is moist. I use the same all-purpose plant food for most of our plants and feed them every two weeks.

I personally like to shower them with filtered water from time to time. They look so refreshed right after! You should definitely try and grow your own Ivy.

P.S. Of course, there are more Ivy plants indoors at home. Stay tuned! 

Happy gardening!