Dividing Geraniums in Spring. Dig them up, separate and repot.

Dividing Geraniums in Spring. Dig them up, separate and repot.
Days are getting warmer and finally it is staring to feel like Spring. What a better time to work on your Geraniums? Did you winterize any from last Summer? I hope you did! It is very easy.
Dividing your plants gives them more space to grow and thrive. 

I see plant pots like shoes in a way. Plants "wear" them and then literally outgrow them. Then they need a "bigger size" of pot. Don't you agree with me? Sure you do!
This is why we need to keep an eye on them as they can grow quite. Spring is the best time to dig them up, divide, and repot them.

  • Dig your Geraniums up with my small shovel. I prefer this tool than using a knife.
  • Wash your plants well under running water. Preferably not too cold.
  • Using your small garden pruner cut and divide your Geraniums.
  • Make sure you cut above a node, or a swollen part of the stem. 
  • I explain here what a node is.
  • Make as many plants as you can!
  • Root them with hormone or in water and then plant them.
  • Plant your new Geraniums.
Dividing your Geraniums gives you new ones and gives the mother plant stronger. They are my most favorite container plant! I even have them decorating furniture.

Cannot wait to start my planters outside.

Stay tuned for my Balcony Gardening Series!

Happy Gardening!