My name is Gabriela. I started this blog in 2006 as a place to share my creative projects. Blogging have brought me amazing opportunities though out the years. I became a seasoned Crafts Designer and had the chance to design crafts, write instructional tutorials and photography for leading arts and crafts manufacturers such as Ilovetocreate and Faber Castell.

As I got busier creating crafts tutorials on my blog I realized that I was in fact enjoying teaching others how to make things. I then decided to take teaching more serious and learn how to design and facilitate workshops. I proudly became a certified Instructional Designer (ID)

I have been designing and facilitating continuing education classes and workshops for adult learners for the past fifteen years. I have worked cooperatively with program coordinators enriching and implementing existing programs with new interesting subject ideas. I have taught seasonal workshops at various Toronto venues such as the Toronto Botanical Garden, Soho House Toronto, Harbourfront Centre and Cedar Ridge.

Interested in adding new creative-focused classes and workshops to your continuing education programs? Contact me at: gabriela.delworth(@)gmail.com

As a Craft Designer I have also contributed with craft tutorials to magazines such as Stampington & Company, Canadian Gardening and websites like Gift Shop Magazine and HGTV.

As an avid gardener I believe that Flower Pressing is the best way to artistically harvest the beauty of nature.  I have always incorporated flowers in my crafts. Blogging about this brought me the opportunity to become the author of the Flower and Leaf Press Book (2011) by Sterling Innovation for Barnes & Noble. This amazing experience allowed me to promote my book, do book signings and teach mini workshops at Barnes & Noble stores.

As blogging took a second place with the arrival of social media so did creating content for my blog. I took a long break. Today, I only have my blog and a profile on LinkedIn.

Having plants became more and more popular during the past few years. I finally found a new reason to create content again. I have been sharing stories about my balcony and indoor gardens and my travels. Also enjoy reviewing a few books and magazines from time to time.

Thank you for reading and happy gardening!