Indoor Gardening: Growing African Violets with LED lights


Indoor Gardening: Growing African Violets with LED lights.

When I spotted these African Violets a few months back at a home and garden store clearance area for a $1.00 could not believe it! These poor plants looked like a rough pile of leaves in a plastic pot (6" inch pot to be precise) in a crowded plant rack. A good and frugal gardener always sees potential in plants that can be rescued and nurtured. 

What usually happens with these type of plants is that once their blooms are gone, they get forgotten. A sad reason they show up in a clearance area. It is a shame that most people do not know African Violets bloom many times a year! In fact, they are one of the easiest flowering houseplants to care for.

The plants clearance area was very busy. Many people were checking the deals! I quickly picked a few Pink ones to take home. African Violets need good light to grow, in particular indirect sunlight. Winter months can be tricky as we have not much light here in the North. Window sills are not really an option as they are too cold for these plants. 

LED lights are the solution to grow plants indoors. These beauties have started to bloom again in the past few weeks. Aren't they stunning?

Take a look at your spaces and get LED lights that fit your needs. They work! Join the indoors "jungle life". Get inspired by ours here and here. Great gardening books here.

Happy gardening!