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Man Cave Mess Solution: The Big Reveal!

The Men Cave Mess Solution series ends today with the big reveal. Man had all kinds of stuff in this Cave that needed to be organized and stored. Mission accomplished!


Man Cave Mess Solution: Cleaning, organizing and sorting out items.

Cleaning, Organizing with The Home Depot HDX and Totes.

Cleaning and sorting out items is one of the most important things to develop a good storage and organization system.


Man Cave Mess Solution: Choosing the best storage boxes and totes.

The Home Depot boxes, crates and totes.

Making everything work together in a space is often a challenge. Choosing the best storage solution requires planning by categories and sizes. This is key in this process.


Man Cave Mess Solution: Putting together the HDX 6 shelf storage unit.

Man Cave Mess Solution: Putting together the HDX 6 shelf storage unit by Gabriela Delworth.

Putting together the HDX 48-inch W 6-Level Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Unit in Chrome is very easy with the instructions that come with it. The only tool we recommend using is a Rubber Mallet. Do not use a hammer because you will permanently damage the unit.

In my last storage and organization solution series I posted about Industrial Casters with Bumpers. They can be attached to this HDX unit as well. As those in particular are not available in Canada we found another option: Tri Dollies. Place one under each leg and make the HDX unit mobile!  

Stay tuned as we share with you how we keep building the Men Cave Mess Solution and what other interesting items we used in the process.

SPONSORED POST: Thank you The Home Depot for providing us with the materials to create this solution for the Men Cave Mess Solution.

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Man Cave Mess Solution: Before the transformation. Planning a new space.

Man Cave Mess: Before the transformation. Planning a solution. Photo by Gabriela Delworth.

When I thought November was going to be all about Holiday preparations as I mention on this post, surprise! Something else and unavoidable was aligned to be done as well. We teamed up again with The Home Depot for another Storage and Organization solution.