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Celebrating the magic of Autumnal Equinox. Let's welcome Fall with a DIY Wall Art tutorial.

DIY Wall Art with Fall Leaves by Gabriela Delworth

Celebrating the magic of Autumnal Equinox. Trees have started the most spectacular show of colours: changing leaves. This is the time to collect, press and treasure them!


Indoor Gardening: Fall growth on Calamondin orange tree. Spring in September!

Indoor Gardening: Fall growth on Calamondin orange tree by Gabriela Delworth

It's Spring in September! Our Calamondin orange tree is blooming again. A sweet surprise. This tree has now more blooms than we had in March and July combined. They smell amazing! 


Book Review: Modern Macramé by Justine Vasquez.

Modern Macramé by Justine Vasquez

As I recently started bringing tender plants inside to their designated windowsill spots I felt inspired to redecorate some of the pots. The idea I had in mind was to find a way to "dress them up" a little using just a few materials in the process. It happened like this...


Walking in the City: Toronto Botanical Garden. Beaufitul Fall flowers colour show.

Toronto Botanical Garden flowers photographed by Gabriela Delworth

Fall is my most favorite season. It will officially begin on September 21. The Toronto Botanical Garden is a must visit. The weather was glorious this past weekend. Ideal for a walk in the gardens.