Winter Flowers: Red Amaryllis close and personal. Happy Valentine's Day!


I was saving this Red Amaryllis stunner for today, Valentine's Day. A total joy to the eyes! You might like also pink blooms. Take a look.


Winter Flowers: Amaryllis. A well worth wait for these huge and stunning blooms.

Here it is! Isn't it stunning? This Amaryllis bulb gave six huge blooms! Take a look at the details of the petals. It seems like they are hand painted. This is wrapping paper I made a while ago inspired by a photo from previous blooming bulbs. Nature is always so talented!
Did you see the other photos I shared? 

Happy gardening!


Winter Flowers: Amaryllis. Plant the bulb, water regularly and provide the right light.

Winters are long and dark in the North. We have no flowers but there is Amaryllis!
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